The Wonders of Water Coolers


Water coolers are invaluable office champions. These literal forces of nature make for improved productivity, staff health and focus not to mention a feather in your cap for being a caring employer. When looking for water coolers for your office, be sure to check out Tranquil Water first.

Surprisingly, not all water coolers are created equal. Naturally you want a water cooler unit that is congruous with your office décor and styling. Tranquil Water has cooler options to burn. But perhaps most important is the good old H20 filling up your water coolers. Here again, Tranquil Water is an ace in the hole.

When your office water coolers come courtesy of Tranquil Water they come hand-in-glove with:

  • 100% natural Australian spring water drawn direct from the pristine Kulnara National Park, NSW
  • Refreshing water that is entirely innocent of chemicals, contaminants or bacteria
  • Spring water that has undergone rigorous microfiltration and ozonation unique to Tranquil Water to ensure premium pure hydration in every drop
  • Zero bromate to banish the diarrhea or nausea that can follow after drinking water containing this pesky substance

By now the many virtues of remaining hydrated have been espoused far and wide as general knowledge. Yet perhaps you haven’t considered just how much impact these can have in an office context. The simple yet enlightened step of introducing water coolers to your office can earn you a happy, healthy, hydrated team that work harder thanks to:

  • Greater energy: no pep talk can rival the power of drinking cool purified spring water fresh from office water coolers. Hydrated staff can forget energy crashes, sluggishness and lack of focus throughout their working day. All because water amps up blood and oxygen flow throughout ones body. Smart? You bet.
  • Less stress: stress can be a killer of focus, productivity and engagement. Adequate hydration lowers stress so water coolers help your staff take a ‘chill swill’ and concentrate on the work at hand – not distracting stressors

Want to learn more about water cooler options for your office? Speak to Tranquil Water today on 02 9556 1866 or visit anytime 24/7.