Bottled water and water coolers for events


We have been receiving lots of enquiries for bottled water and water coolers for events this month.

With the weather warming up and the festive season on our doorstep, there’s no better time to contact us about supplying pure spring water for your next function.

Whether you need it tomorrow or next week, rest assured we will get your water to you on time and with a friendly smile!

Never under-estimate the power of cool water to perk up your employees or clients at an AGM, business meeting or company day out. Water helps people rehydrate, relax and focus.

Don’t have an office? Water coolers also work a treat for sweaty blokes at construction and  building sites!

If you’ve got a crowd of people say at a festival, expo or fair then event water coolers are a very affordable option. Our 15L water bottles sit on top of the coolers and are economical and environmentally friendly. You’ll just need a power source to plug the cooler into.

Don’t forget our 600ml and 1.5L portable water bottles. They are very handy for outdoor events where access to electricity isn’t possible.

Bottled water for events and water coolers for events packages start as low as $50, plus we’ll deliver and install everything for you. Give our friendly team a call today on 9556 1866 to chat about your options and prices.

If you’re feeling shy, then simply send us an email via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.