Hire Water Trailer: Happy Hydrated Event


It is a simple equation really. Hydrated people have more energy, greater focus and improved alertness. So if you want patrons to fully engage in and enjoy your event – a water trailer is one smart move.

Wonderful water trailer

Mmmmm. Few things can beat cool fresh drinking water at a busy exciting event. Certainly event-goers will think you walk on water if you provide refreshing H20 on tap. Not only are you laying on nature’s elixir to thirst. You are also showing genuine proactive regard for event-goers’ health and wellbeing. So – want water for events? You want Tranquil Water.


We understand that portability and convenience are key facts in a successful event. So we put water on wheels to go wherever you want it to. Our water trailer hire includes handy delivery right to your event. Then you can put water immediately to work.

Park our water trailer in high foot traffic areas so quenching thirst is a quick easy affair. People can hydrate in passing without tearing themselves away from your event. Hire our water trailer and you hire a host of fantastic feature. This clever source of water for events delivers:

  • Steady flow of filtered water: our water trailer instantly filters ‘adam’s ale’ for safe hydration
  • Easy connectivity: just whack our mobile water trailer onto any tap and voila, you have refreshing running water. Yum!
  • Delightful drinking options: Our water trailer comes with bubblers and taps. So event-goers can pause for a zippy sip from one of the four drinking fountains. Or simply fill their bottle from the taps and be on their way
  • Secure shade: two generously proportioned awnings on either side of the water trailer protect thirsty drinkers from the elements

Wanted: water for events

Certainly our water trailer hire is an inspired way to provide water for events. But there are many other ways you can keep your guests’ thirst satiated. We offer:

  • Casual water cooler hire with a choice of Cool and Cold or Hot and Cold taps
  • Portable bottled water with 600ml and 1.5L bottle options
  • Unique seven stage in-built bottle filtration enabling pure filtered water in a handy bottled water cooler

Water cooler hire for your event

Events are thirsty work. But Tranquil Water, your innovative water cooler company, has event hydration covered. We offer convenient casual water cooler hire for events, festivals and more.

Hire water trailer. Put H20 on tap. Casually rent water coolers. When you need water delivery for events, Tranquil Water has the answer. Call us on 9556 1866 to hire your water trailer or get your water for events today.
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