Options aplenty in water for events


Supplying water for events can often throw organisers some logistical challenges. Not so when you work with Tranquil Water. No matter what your requirements, we have you covered. Tranquil Water offers a host of flexible choices when it comes to water for events. So whether you are quenching the thirst of hoards or simply satiating a smaller few, rest assured there is an option to match your needs.

One firm favourite when it comes to supplying water for events is surely the ever-trusty water trailer. Indeed this handy vehicle satisfies almost every whim and fancy of thirsty event goers and conscientious organisers alike. Every water trailer is:

Delightfully portable: just tell Tranquil Water where your water for events hub is and we will deliver your water trailer directly to that spot

Perfect for drinking on the hop: quickness and ease are the watchwords in supplying water for events. After all, great events mean attendees want to hydrate in a hurry to avoid missing any action. A water trailer answers this call with four drinking bubblers so those in need of refreshment can just ‘splash and dash’

Ideal for refills: handy water taps are a built-in water trailer accessory. That means event goers can bring their bottles and refill these to their hearts content

Great protection against the elements: UV rays and harsh sun are no match for the sturdy water trailer sun awnings. Event goers need not fear unwanted tanning or sunburn while getting their H20 fix

You need not compromise your green cred when supplying water for events either. Because water trailers eliminate the need for plastic drinking bottles or cups.

Now alongside water trailers, Tranquil Water offers terrific alternatives in delivering water for events. Because of course, no one size fits all. Should a large fully equipped trailer be more than you need you’ll find a range of nifty water coolers to choose from. With a range of finishes plus different tap configurations including hot, cool and cold, water coolers can be a great way to go. Delivery and installation is free plus Tranquil Water will beat all comparable competitors quotes.

Or perhaps bottled water for events is your first choice. Once again, Tranquil Water makes this oh so easy. Opt for 15L bottlers to nest atop water coolers or the helpful convenience of water packs of 600ml or 1.5L bottles. Don’t forget to ask about our safe plastic options including BPA-free bottles too.

Don’t sweat water for events. Tranquil Water has the easy answer for your expo, conference, team building day and much more. Give us a call on

(02) 9556 1866 or order online today.