Water for events: all-round solution


Fresh safe drinking water for events is more than a nicety, it is a necessity. Responsible event management can only be achieved by placing easy hydration on hand for event-goers. Dehydration leads to severe headaches, fatigue, fainting and sunstroke. So without adequate provision of water, your event-goers will spend more time in the ambulance tent than enjoying the event itself. You may be surprised how easy it is to arrange water for events. In fact, a water trailer from Tranquil Water provides a complete end-to-end solution.

Water trailers are custom-made for events, festivals and other occasions where people gather en mass. As an event organiser you can tick one big box with this one simple solution. Provide fresh drinking water for any indoor or outdoor event in a snap. Tranquil Water trailers are completely portable. So we deliver your water trailer to the very spot you want it to stand at your event. Our trailer simply connects to any available water tap and voila: instant filtered water runs freely for your event-goers.

Water trailers are nothing if not smart. This all-in-one answer to water for events has clever bells and whistles to make hydration a breeze:

  • Drinking bubblers: four handy fountains allow event-goers to snatch sips or gulps of water on the go. A few refreshing mouthfuls of filtered H20 and they can head off for more event fun
  • Taps: for water bottle toting event goers, water trailer taps are a dream. Visitors can fill their bottles with pure H20 whenever they like, free of charge. Savvy drip trays direct excess water down into collection tanks. So there’s no need to worry about your water trailer becoming a wet muddy mire
  • Sun awnings: strong sun and dehydration are a destructive duo. So water trailers have both these covered. Event goers can rehydrate while enjoying shelter from the sun or other elements. All thanks to two large awnings on either side of the water trailer
  • Tow bar: Tranquil Water will deliver your water trailer direct to your event. But should you want to move the trailer around as your event progresses that’s no problem. All you need is a vehicle with a tow bar – your water trailer has one too.

So there you have it. Water for events all sewn up. Speak to Tranquil Water about hiring a water trailer for your next event today.