Water Trailers: Portable Hydration Station


Need a portable hydration station? Fully equipped mobile water trailers have all your needs covered. Four drinking bubblers are perfect for those looking to quench thirst on the run. Then there are those handy water taps always on hand to fill byo water bottles. There is simply no better or more easier way to make sure hydration is on hand for those who need it.


A water trailer is the ultimate in responsible event management. Modern event organisers simply cannot afford to have inadequate or costly hydration available for patrons. So Tranquil Water makes a marvellous solution available through water trailers for hire. Our portable hydration stations:

  • Go wherever they are needed: Tranquil Water delivers your water trailer to the very spot you want it. Voila, that is your event-goers’ hydration sorted
  • Offer shelter from the sun: every Tranquil Water portable hydration station comes fully equipped with sun awnings. So there is no risk of sunburn or sunstroke striking while event-goers are replenishing their H20 supplies
  • Supremely easy to use: simplicity is watchword of every portable hydration station. That is why it couldn’t be easier to
  • Built to last: today’s weather patterns at times defy prediction. Yet you needn’t fear that your portable hydration station will be blown or buffeted away. Every hired water trailer from Tranquil Water will withstand quite ferocious storms and come out strong on the other side. So even against the elements, drinking water will flow like a never-ending stream

Fresh filtered water on tap. Now that says a lot about an event’s sense of social and environmental responsibility. Simply hire a portable hydration station to instantly enhance green cred, reputation and event-goers’ experience. Speak to Tranquil Water today about hiring a mobile water trailer. Call (02) 9792 8880 to park a portable water trailer at your next event.

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